quarta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2014

Lord of the flies

Acabo de saber que o livro Lord of the flies faz hoje 60 anos.

Levantei-me de um pulo e gritei: "Piggy! Piggy!"
Sou extremamente infantil.
E cruel.

"I don't care what they call me," he said confidentially, "so long as they don't call me what they used to call me in school."
Ralph was faintly interested.
"What was that?"
The fat boy glanced over his shoulder, then leaned toward Ralph.
He whispered.
"They used to call me Piggy!"
Ralph shrieked with laughter. He jumped up.
"Piggy! Piggy!"
Piggy clasped his hands in apprehension.
"I said I didn’t want—"
"Piggy! Piggy!"